This is your dream, make a custom cloths like t-shirt,jean,hoodie,cap,shoes with your own image, text,anything you want.

With this t-shirt printing machine, we can print any image at cloths,t-shirt,jean,hoodie,cap,shoes,the printing will takes about 2-5 minutes only,Hope this will be a simple way for your printing business


This model is not only a DTG Printer,also it's an UV Printer,when we use dtg printer, we can print on fabric,When we use uv ink, it can be used for printing on plastic, wood,glass,metal,leather,acrylic materials, most client use it for print phone cover, card,lighter,also any other promotion products

Your dream has no restrictions on the number of colors you can use. It has no limit on the size of your vision in print.

And it has no room for anything but perfect prints.

Beautiful, ugly, hilarious, moving, images big or small.

You know what?

We get you.

That’s why we made the DTG Printer a limitless BRAND-MAKER. Because we know that for you it’s not printing t-shirts – it’s printing the FUTURE.

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