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FAQ For DTG Printer

1.What is DTG Printer

DTG Printer is a kind of inkjet printer what use textile ink, DTG Mean Direct to garment

2.What materials that DTG Printer can print?

DTG Printer can print on cotton fabric,polyester etc.the performance on cotton is best

3.Does printer print other garment except tshirt?

Yes,dtg printer can print on tshirts,jeans,hoodies,cap,shoes  and any other product what is fabric materials

4.Does printer works with white ink?

Yes,all our DTG  printer works with white ink

5.Does printer print on dark materials?

Yes,our DTG printer can print on any color materials that including dark materials

6.What should I do after received the printer machine?

The printer is ready for print, we just need to install printer drive and printing software in computer, and load ink inside printer tank, then we can start printing job

7.What else I need except printer machine?

Except printer machine, we need to buy DTG ink and Primer only

8.Do you provide warranty and support?

Yes,our printer comes with 12 months warranty except consumable parts like head, pump.also we provide online technical support, we will solve your problem and provide you with replacement parts if any problem parts that in warranty.