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Difference between UV Printer and DTG Printer

What is the difference between UV Printer and DTG Printer?

UV Printer mean UV Technology Printer, DTG Printer mean Direct To Garment Printer


1.Use with different ink,UV Printer use UV Ink,DTG Printer use DTG Ink

2.Function different,UV Printer is for printing on almost all kinds of materials like:plastic, wood,metal,glass,leather,stone,glass,etc.... just except textile and garment

DTG Printer is only for printing on textile and garment like t-shirt,jeans,hoodies,shoes,hat etc..can't print on other materials.

But if we use UV Printer,we can change ink from UV Ink to DTG Ink,then we can print garments, but if you take DTG Printer,we only can use with DTG Ink and just can print on textile.