What are the factors to be considered while choosing the best DTG printer? There are lots of comments online and people spewing their craziness and excitements, but sometimes they are just flat-out not completely the truth. Now we invited DTG Technical James from Europe who has more than 16 years of experience in the printing area to dispel and debunk some of these myths.

1. How to find a good DTG printer from Chinese manufacture?

James: I was selling the heat press and sublimation machine in my country and found Many customers attracted by DTG printer, so I start to collect information of DTG printer from Chinese manufactures, GNFEI company salesgirl May introduced their factory and expo to me. I was deeply impressed by their updated technology of newly launched DTG printer Athena jet plus. So I decide to visit the expo and GNFEI factory.
Nowadays, buying directly from China is a trend because the quality and conscience of service have improved a lot day by day. You could find many good printer Chinese suppliers at many exhibitions in your country or near areas like Media expo, like Inprint, Fespa, Sign expo, etc. A company that always attends the exhibition abroad year and year again is usually not bad. Then try them for samples or you can even ask them for fee prototype one or two pieces.

Steven: GNFEI Company has joined expo in the USA , Turkey, Italy, Germany, Poland, Egypt, India, etc.

2. The problem of Crackup after a couple of washes, breaks two prints look like crap.
James: Nothing can be further from the truth, we can compare the sample from one international Famous brand and GNFEI brand GNFEI new updated DTG Printer Athena jet plus ( with high-quality ink ) The one in the right one has been washed more than 10 times, the close-up on the t-shirt, it is very soft, smooth, not sticky, not hard, not peel, not like a custom plaster, not crack.

3. Another myth is printing head and white ink

People talk about the printing heads get clogged, what more, it is a waste of money if you print something is gonna clogged, or you need let the machine running 24 hours a day, when the machine gets clogged, you’re not gonna be there doing anything cause it won’t print.
James: It may actually be true for some machines, but the lucky thing is I found GNFEI DTG Printer Athena jet Plus is out of upper problems after I checked the factory and finished the sample printing, Elva really did a good job for sample printing support( Elva is one of GNFEI Technici).
1st Athena jet Plus has an Automatic wet cap system which means that the printing head is equipped with a vacuum sucking system whenever it’s not being used. This keeps the printing head wet and clean, a good solution for a head clog.
2nd The white ink in DTG business is water-based and it has titanium it. So there are two compounds in the white ink, if the machine stagnant they’ll separate and the separation can cause a clog, but this is the key with GNFEI DTG printer Athena jet plus there is a system that constantly circulates the white ink till the printing heads, so it never gets a chance to stand still. Therefore it never gets a chance to separate, a good solution.
Steven: GNFEI adds One step flushing system, White ink bottle magnetic shaking system, White ink circulation timer, the shaking speed, shaking time, circulation flow rate, circulation time are also adjustable in software.

4. Is it necessary to purchase a pretreatment machine at a high cost?

James: Every DTG Machine requires some form of pretreatment which makes the process simple and easy but I do understand that you need to add some expense but you do not need to buy a huge pre-treating machine. You can check the simple hand-held spray gun, you put the pretreatment solution in the bottom there, you pull the trigger and spray the shirt! Super simple

5. Alibaba price

James: Sometimes people can find a DTG Printer from Alibaba and comparing who is the lowest price but forget about the quality. I don’t want to say this is a fantastic high tech marvel of t-shirt printing technology, Alibaba where you can go and see a whole bunch of stuff, you might be able to find a good deal but the chance you’re gonna find a lot of off-brand use with no warranty and no detail English user manual, tutorial video, and online training. The people who don’t support their machine, you can’t get necessarily spare parts. So strongly recommend you go to a place that backs up the products that they could teach and sit with you, get the training and let you know everything on the machine, you can get all the spare parts to replace if anything breaks down. GNFEI company gets reputation from the customer because of good quality and complete after service system, like international standard user manual, Online Master Bi Tutorial video, Training confirming form, etc., below are screenshot of GNFEI service and customer’s feedback
At last, buying machine isn’t just walking into and buy a business , you need to check out the information then make decision. But GNFEI company is worthy to try at least.