Automatic 6 color A3 UV Printer LED UV Flatbed Printer Inkjet Printer for Cylinder, Bottle, Phone Case, T-shirt Printing       


1.   With grating decoding: Independent research and development of electronic chips to replace mechanical parts, to minimize the failure rate.

2. With smart button: Independent programming, to avoid the platform lifting operation is not smooth.

3. With ink circulation system: White ink is automatically cycled every 1 hour to prevent ink precipitation. 

4. Wieh one-button pumping system: avoid manual draw out ink waste a lot of ink.

5. With automatic ink extraction system: The printhead will automatically draw out the waste ink for 3 seconds every 6 hours.

This is a multifunction printer machine, directly printing on plastic,metal,wood,stone,glass,leather,acrylic,works on flat surface as well as cylinder product, support white ink and Color Ink printing at same pass or different pass

UV Printer Working Video